What is the difference between an in-ground concrete pool and a fibre glass pool?

Different structure of the walls and floor i.e. fibreglass has just an approximately 20mm thick wall of fibreglass, compared to a concrete pool which has a 200mm concrete section interlaced with steel reinforcing at least every 300mm apart. It then has an internal water proofing layer of either 20mm pebble crete (pebble and cement) or a layer of ceramic tile.

The concrete pool can be constructed to almost any shape to suit your backyard or your imagination, whereas fibreglass pools are limited to set moulds.

Concrete pools are constructed in the ground on a solid base and finished to the level of the internal water. When empty, they have structural strength to support the surrounding ground pressures. Concrete pools have a hydrostatic valve in the base of the pool and have considerable weight to counteract any ground water pressures.

Concrete pools have a solid non-flexing surround to the pool which enables coping tiles to be successfully adhered to it.