Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast

Pools By Design provide premium plunge pools Sunshine Coast private and corporate clients value. We are an established, local company with a strong track record in delivering a stunning selection of concrete pools. Offering a complete project management solution, we design unique, customised pools that are tailored to the needs and tastes of each client.

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plunge pools sunshine coast

What is a plunge pool?

At its most basic, a plunge pool is simply a mini-swimming pool. Typically, a plunge pool will tend to be somewhere between three and seven metres in diameter. In contrast, larger pools may be 10, 15, 25 metres or even larger in length. Customers can still swim in a plunge pool, as well as relax, sunbathe and do all the other things you would normally do in a pool.

What are the advantages of a plunge pool?

The plunge pools Sunshine Coast residents ask us to design and build are perfect for backyards or smaller spaces. Many people simply don’t have the room to build a large installation, but have sufficient space for a plunge pool.

Plunge pools can be created in a selection of different shapes and depths. This flexibility enables us to create custom pools that can be designed to optimise the available space. Plunge pools can be rectangular, circular, kidney-shaped, or feature split levels. If you want an added feature in your plunge pool (such as a waterfall, central island or similar), we can add it in for you.

A plunge pool can be perfect for families with younger children, non-swimmers, or those who want to exercise in the water to rehabilitate following injury.

Why use Pools By Design for your plunge pool installation?

amazing swimming pool designExperienced pool providers

Over the years we have created a wide variety of plunge pools, swimming pools, leisure pools and similar water features for clients on the Sunshine Coast. With a formidable track record of success, we are proud of our local reputation for excellent workmanship and a good level of customer care.

Wide variety of designs

Our skilled team is able to create a plunge pool that’s tailored to suit almost any requirements. If you have an ambitious pool idea in mind, or want to site a pool on a challenging site (one with a gradient, difficult access, or limited space, for example), we are up for the job!

Full project management option

When you contract with Pools By Design, it’s not just the pool that we can complete: we are also able to erect fencing, provide a pool gate, landscape the area immediately surrounding the pool, and provide a wealth of information and advice on the best type of heating, lighting, and safety equipment to ensure an optimal pool experience.

If this year is the year you’ve decided to turn your dream of a plunge pool into a stunning reality, we’re here to make it happen. Call us on (07) 5438 8046 to discuss your pool ideas in more detail with a member of our team.