How Owning A Swimming Pool Will Change Your Life

You may have been looking enviously at your neighbours with swimming pools on the Sunshine Coast property, but have never taken the final step to joining that lucky group. If you are hovering between buying a pool and putting it off for another year, Pools By Design are here to offer you several reasons why you need your own pool.

Fitness without joining the gym

If you want to get fitter, a swimming pool is the perfect place to do it. Both you and other family members can benefit from the great exercise that a swimming pool affords, and of course while you are swimming you aren’t snacking, so that is really two benefits for the price of one.

Get a better sleep

One of the advantages of being able to exercise late in the evening is that you can simply walk into your home, have a shower and go straight to bed. This is great news for parents who have trouble getting their children to go to bed at night, and can help to break them off the bad habit of using electronic devices just before bedtime.

Increase your property’s value

You might be surprised to hear that you can boost the value of your property by as much as five percent. Buyers are naturally attracted to homes that already have swimming pools in place, and if you are able to offer want to potential purchasers, you won’t have to wait too long to sell the house. With a good looking pool from Pools By Design, you can make that sale even more certain.

Experience swimming pool therapy

It is no surprise to hear that therapists often use swimming pools in physiotherapy. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular health, but it can be good for painful joints, stiffness, mobility problems or simply a lot of stress in your job.

Added family time

You might want to see more of the kids or grandkids, or simply have them under your eye in one place for a few hours. It is easy to be distracted by technology, but in the pool, it is just you, your loved ones, and the water.

Be envied by other neighbours

Now you won’t have to look with envy at other people’s swimming pools, your Sunshine Coast home will be the envy of your neighbours, instead. Pools By Design can create a top-notch pool for you to use, so to find out more contact us online, or call 07-5438-8046 today.

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