How much does a swimming pool cost

The short answer to the common question of how much does a swimming pool cost is that a swimming pool costs between $25,000 and over $100,000. Probably a more pertinent question to ask is what do you get for your money? Why is it that some pools can be up to $20,000 more expensive than a basic model? Take a look at some of the variables that affect the price you’ll pay. As an experienced provider of high-grade pools to homes and commercial leisure facilities across the Bribie Island and Peregian Springs area, we are able to offer customised advice and recommendations on the type of pool that’s probably going to work best for your property.

Pool shape

A rectangular pool is the easiest type of pool to construct. This makes it faster to build, reducing labour costs. Kidney-shaped pools, split level pools or pools with a curved edge all require more time to design and build, adding to the price.


Whereas some clients are happy to swim illuminated by exterior lighting alone, others love the ambience that underwater lighting can bring. We are able to design stunning light displays that can transform your pool into something beautiful. The more sophisticated the lighting, the greater the cost, so stick with basic illumination if you’re working to a budget.

Water features

Fancy a plunge pool? Or a waterfall? These features look fantastic and add a beautiful accent to your pool. They also add to the cost. Not only will the features require additional materials, they also need to be custom-built to meet your individual requirements. It’s also worth mentioning that additional water features will require on-going maintenance, potentially increasing your pool costs going forward.

Site constraints

If you’ve got a site on a gradient, one that’s difficult to access or a site that requires a significant amount of work to get it in a suitable state for a new pool, it’s going to cost money to get the work done. Discuss your site with us, as we can sometimes come up with cost-effective methods of overcoming common site problems.

Type of finish

From coloured concrete through to tiles, stone, pebbles or glass, there are plenty of options for finishing the interior of your pool, as well as the pool surround. Our talented team are able to create almost any sort of pool you can think of, and we love a challenge! That said, more expensive materials can bump up the cost of your installation quite significantly.

Type of fencing

It is a legal requirement that pools have some form of fencing around them. This can vary from budget railings, right the way through to reinforced glass, timber or metal. Each has a different cost implication, which we are happy to discuss with you in order to find a suitable solution for your pool.

With so many variables to consider when trying to work out how much does a swimming pool cost, it’s usually best to consult with the experts! We’re here and ready to help.