Go With Experience For Pool Design

When you are looking for the highest quality creative pool designs, our experienced team at Pool By Design are the only consideration for Sunshine Coast homeowners.

Our owner and director, Gary, has been building pools for over 30 years and knows everything there is to know.

Quality comes from experience

If you go through our portfolio, you will see over 40 beautiful examples of our residential, commercial and spa resort pool designs that have been completed in the last thirty years.

Not only does every design get approved by the business owner Gary, they are created with the help of our experienced creative design team and direct input from the client.

Whether you are in need of a small backyard plunge pool or a vast spa bath complex for your resort, we have done it all before to the highest quality and standards.

We also work closely with a large team of specialist contractors who have years of experience in decking, paving, fencing, electrical work, landscaping and much more.

This means that no matter what finish or features you want to add to your new pool construction, we will have the right person at hand to handle any request.

Your pool will be personal, unique and will be finished beautifully to your exact specifications.

What our experienced team can offer

Our philosophy at pools by design is “We design for lifestyle with service and quality guaranteed,” which means we will offer the highest quality pool designs that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Our extensive range of finishes will mean you can really stamp your personality onto your pool.

Pool Designs

You can add natural stone slabs to the pool surrounds or go for more sophisticated tilling instead.

The interior of your pool could be finished with vibrant pebbles, sleek glass beads or a classic mosaic tile motif.

Water Treatments

When it comes to water treatment, we offer standard chlorine systems, saltwater pumping filtration, and we are also registered stockists of MagnaPool mineral pools that use magnesium and potassium salts to clean your pool that is easy on your skin and eyes.

Lighting and Features

Why not have underwater lighting fitted for those midnight dips or install one of many of our water heating systems so you can swim comfortably all year round.

We have a selection of interesting and soothing water features that will really make you pool stand out.

Our team of experienced, professional pool designers and installers will make sure they create the most unique pool designs for you and implement them flawlessly.

If you want to see our portfolio and the range of pool products we offer, visit www.poolsbydesign.net.au or give us a call on (07) 5438 8046 for some friendly advice.

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