Concrete vs Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Cooling off in your own pool after a hard day’s work, or during a family get-together is a daily occurrence for many Australians.

Owning a swimming pool on the Sunshine Coast can help ease the heat in the hotter weather, but they are also are a great way to relax and exercise, making it a great investment for any property.

But which kind of pool should you install?

Most people choose either a concrete or fibreglass pool, but do you know the pros and cons between each of them?

Here at Pools By Design, we will try to help you make your mind up by giving you all the facts.

Concrete Pools

Using concrete allows you to design your perfect pool.

You can utilise a design that fits your vision or your available land, whatever shape or size it may be.

It does not matter what shape, depth or size you want.

With concrete swimming pools, you can add features including tanning ledges or vanishing edges.

While concrete pools are more durable than other types, they do have a rougher interior surface and will take longer to install.

They are made to hold the external pressure from the surrounding ground material and groundwater.

They also have a hydrostatic valve built into the base of the pool.

Over time, there are maintenance costs to a concrete pool, such as resurfacing or retiling every 10-15 years.

Concrete pools are also porous, meaning the use of more chemicals and better filtration systems to stop algae growth.

Fibreglass Pools

A fibreglass pool has more restrictions when it comes to design but it comes with a gelcoat surface to make it non-porous.

This coating restricts the growth of algae, so you will enjoy a reduction in maintenance costs and the amount of chemicals.

Fibreglass pools come in pre-manufactured sizes and shapes, so you can pick your perfect pool from the range offered by Pools By Design.

Fibreglass pools are generally limited to 16 feet (4.9m) in width, which includes the 1 foot (30cm) of coping, because the fibreglass shell has to be shipped via road.

If you damage the gelcoat surface, the repairs are often visible due to the colour differences in the original colour and the patching material.

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