Backyard Swimming Pool Construction

Having a swimming pool installed at your home will improve the quality time you spend with your family, your health and fitness and the value of your home should you ever wish to sell it. Here at Pools By Design, we specialise in designing and installing swimming pools on the Sunshine Coast and will always give you the very best in support and the service that we provide. But what is included when you decide to have a pool by our team installed and what how long will your new dream pool take to install? Read on and we will answer all your questions.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

When you get a quote for one of our stunning swimming pools on the Sunshine Coast, you get a huge amount of pool for your dollars, with all this included as standard;

We will design and provide you with your own unique pool design that is custom completed by one of our skilled inhouse designers as well as the engineering process for the structure of your pool which will come with all the relevant certification and approval for the upcoming installation.

All the fittings that are installed will be of the very highest quality and standards and we will make sure that all the treatments on areas such as the pump, filtration and the all important first chemical treatment are thoroughly completed. We will also make sure that your pool fencing, which is a legal requirement is included in your plan and fitted ready for certification after the build is completed.

How Long Will My Pool Take?

Once you have agreed to the plans that we have provided for you, we will put them in to the local council and engineering departments to get the green light on their approval. This can take up to 4 weeks and once we have received the approvals, we will start construction within 30 days and all times frames for this are weather dependant, but we will strive to complete your pool in the time given.

The first 2 weeks of the build will involve excavating the space for your pool, adding steel reinforcements and the plumbing needed and adding a concrete shell spray which will take around 28 days to cure sufficiently.  

The next 2 weeks involve adding the plumbing lines and filtration system and capping the pool and laying the tiles that you have chosen. In total from when we first break ground until the handover to you, we aim for between 6 and 8 weeks before you can enjoy a stunning new swimming pool.

Start The Process Today

Why not look forward to next summer by getting one of our swimming pools on the Sunshine Coast installed at your home. To begin the design and quotation process, get in touch with our team today by calling us on (07) 5438 8046.

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